I'm Heloisa Castro a Brazilian artist from Rio de Janeiro. I was born in a place known as "The Montmatre Carioca" in Santa Teresa neighborhood. There, when I was just a girl I had my first atelier. I graduated in Journalism pursuing visual and graphics art and got a  postgraduate degree in Marketing.


However, I've never put away the ink tubes, spatulas and the canvas.


I was awarded in lounges in Brazil and Europe among others. The traditional painting always led my ways until a new "materialization"  art called my attention. The computer painting. This art is labeled in The Louvre Museum, Paris and Guggenheim foundation, Berlin.

With the pioneering spirit of brazilian artists such as Celio Medeiros, I looked up to deepen in the new painting charms, learned the enchantments of Michelle Behar's colors, an artist and professor of this modern technical in Paran√° Federal University.


Day by Day, virtual galleries increase the opportunities to the artist to show their work.


It is a dynamic and positive vehicle where I can show my audience my painting style. It directs my work in this new art market.

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